Welcome to the Mackintosh Society Website. The purpose of this site is to make the Society known to as many people as possible, and so hopefully encourage new members. It also provides existing members with extra information in conjunction with our magazine.

Here you will find information about forthcoming events, past events, a gallery of selected photos and any other stuff we can squeeze in!

The Winter 2012/2013 edition, No. 58,  of The Mackintosh Society magazine is now available, and is in full colour, click here for details
on how to join us and so have your own copy. This issue contains many items of interest including:

  • Full details, with many colour pictures, of the 2012 fashion show
  • Women in White
  • Idle thoughts of a very Idle Fellow
  • Departmental Notes
  • Conversation Piece
  • Family Album - members' photographs
  • 'Down Memory Lane' by 'Russell'
  • The Beautiful Beatitudes of Beatrix
  • Mack Mail - members' letters
  • Lots of lovely and exciting photographs

We would welcome your feedback, and will amend the site to suit your needs if at all possible - but we do need your feedback.



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